Spring in Cooke City is a wonderful time of year to visit. As the temps start getting a little warmer and the snow starts melting a little faster, there is still a whole lot of adventuring to do. February is still snowmobile season. March can be quiet in Cooke City and Silver Gate, but this could be one of the best times of year to visit! The snowpack is deep, and with the colder temperatures, the snow can stick around late into spring. Backcountry skiing, snowmobiling, Nordic skiing, and simply relaxing in the mountains make this a fantastic winter destination. Even in early to mid April there is still snow in higher elevations to explore. However, daylight savings time means, longer days. More time to explore the Park.

Once the warmer weather hits, there’s just as much to do! Skis and boards make way for hiking shoes, cowboy boots, and fishing rods. Silver Gate and Cooke City sit between the Northeast Entrance to Yellowstone and the Beartooth Highway. In any direction, you’ll find an abundance of hiking trails, fishing accesses, scenic drives, horseback riding, rock climbing, and spectacular scenic drives, perfect for wildlife watching and photography. Please don’t underestimate the wildflower displays; they happen early and change as it gets warmer. The top of the Beartooth Highway becomes a blanket of color in the summer, and it’s breathtaking. Usually the Bearthooth Highway opens on Memorial Day Weekend. It often closes again (due to snow) on the same weekend. So call ahead for sure.

For the size of the towns, you’ll be surprised at the variety and quality of the food and the quirkiness of the shops. By May, restaurants and shops begin to open. Miners Saloon, and Soda Butte Restaurant offer great food, along with the Yellowstone Trading Post, a unique but friendly souvenir and apparel gift shop. Don’t miss the Cooke City Wildlife Museum inside the Trading Post. It’s a generational iconic Museum that is a must see. (OPENS MAY 5TH EVERY YEAR)

For accommodations, consider reading our TOP 3 BEST LODGING IN COOKE to get a feel for just a few of the many places to stay. If your desire is to camp. We have you covered. A link to RV PARKS & CAMPGROUNDS is right here. Campgrounds are just a few miles from the Northeast Entrance, so it’s easy to get to the Park but far enough out that you can have a very serene experience. Make NOTE: cabins are booking quickly for the summer, so don’t hesitate to make reservations anywhere in this area.

In our opinion the BEST TIME to visit Yellowstone for wildlife viewing is in late April and early May! Wildlife are out and they are hungry. Bison are giving birth to “Red Dogs” (baby Bison) and Bear activity is high. Moose and other Wildlife are abundant in and around the NE Entrance. The roads are clear, and Yellowstone National Park is wide open. (Opens the 21’st of April). ALWAYS PLAN AHEAD!!! ROAD CLOSURES HAPPEN ALL THE TIME. Cooke City and or Silver-Gate makes a great base camp to get up early and head to Lamar Valley which is only a 15 minute drive. Remember, early bird get’s the photo!!! and usually the parking spot. By June, it’s a full on swing to Summer and the Park, and the Town are busy.

It’s always best to plan ahead and make sure things are open.