WHO wants ICE CREAM? Everyone!! But first a little Cooke City Clean up. If you are in town, this is a great way to meet some of the Locals in Cooke. Not only is this good for the town, but it’s a downright competition. The Cooke City Clean Up Ice Cream Social is a friendly competition between Silver Gate, Cooke City, and Colter Pass. Everybody participating can choose which “city” they want to compete for and pick the corresponding-colored bag ie: Cooke City is blue and Silver Gate is green and Colter Pass is yellow. The town with the most bags collected wins an ugly trophy. Hopefully, this will be an annual event that grows in participation with the ugly trophy being passed between towns.

Pick up your colored bag at the Community Building/Visitor Center. Clean-up will begin from 12-4pm. The ice cream social will take place at or near the dump from 3pm-4pm on Thursday the 25th that way everyone can mingle as they enjoy ice cream after helping make the community a little greener! You must drop off a colored garbage bag to get your ice cream 🙂 Stop by and enjoy a little Cooke City Clean Up.

Sponsored by: Sinclair, Cooke City Events, Community Council

Scheduled All Events Local Events Spring 2023