When you visit Cooke City Montana and feel the need for a good Thermal Hot Spring soaking, (and who doesn’t)? We put together this list for the best soaking Hot Springs around Cooke City. Not only are these amazing places, it will take you on a amazing journey at the same time. There are literally Thermal Hot Springs all around Yellowstone National Park. However, NONE of them can you soak in. In fact, strictly prohibited. Not to mention, you will die. So here is our list for your soaking pleasure.

Yellowstone Hot Springs

Let’s start with something close to Cooke City. Start your day early with a drive through the Northeast Entrance and into Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park coming from Cooke City. The start of a beautiful morning making your way (1.5 hours) to Mammoth Hot Springs. Mammoth Hot Springs will definitely get you in the mood for a hot spring soaking. But it’s NOT in or at Mammoth. Drive to Gardiner out of the Park and follow Hwy 89 until you see a sign for Yellowstone Hot Springs. Set on the south side of Paradise Valley and just eight miles above the North entry to the national park, Yellowstone Hot Springs is one of Montana’s most unique hideaways. Previously known as Corwin Hot Springs, as the state’s top hot springs location, visitors come to unwind and relax in the ever-circulating waters of these mineral pools.

From the 1920s to 1940s, the property served as a western-themed dude ranch with luxury amenities like a golf course, dance hall, restaurant, and an open-air plunge that is the only feature that remains today. In 2018, the property was again repurposed and brought to life with its incredibly calming soaking pools.

Chico Hot Springs Resort

Our next Hot Spring is just down the road a bit. Not only is this a Thermal Hot Spring, but a Resort that can include some fine dining. Chico Hot Springs Resort. The highlight of the resort is its hot springs. Their open-air, mineral thermal springs date back to the 1860s. The waters at Chico were heralded as “Wonderland” because of their therapeutic treatment of a variety of ailments.

There are a variety of lodging options at Chico Hot Springs that range from camping sites to historic lodges. Ideal for small families to large groups, the resort has plenty of accommodations to choose from. The other good thing is that you’re able to have a little bit of privacy if you choose to stay in either one of the cabins or the houses, while still connected to the main amenities and activities within the resort.

Whether you want to have private dining for special occasions, have a drink, or enjoy a hearty meal, you’d have plenty of options at Chico. Boasting three establishments, as well as a tasting room in the wine cellar for private parties of 2-6 people, guests can choose between the Historic Dining Room, Chico Saloon, and Poolside Grille

Bozeman Hot Springs

Like a little Hot Spring Night Life? Do we have a place for you. Bozeman Hot Springs is less than 3 hours away from Cooke City. While there is Yellowstone Hot Springs, and Chico Hot Springs on the way to Bozeman. They don’t have LIVE Music on the Weekends. The Bozeman pools are kept at 57 to 106°. Both the indoor and the outdoor pools are beautifully designed so you can experience a unique view during your visit. All of the pools are naturally heated by the ground and features minerals like Sodium, Silica, Bicarbonate, Carbonate, Chloride, and Sulfate.

Located next door to the Bozeman Hot Springs, the Bozeman Campground is the ideal place for visitors to stay.  There are RV sites, cabins, and tent sites available — all with numerous activities included. The Hot Springs are open until 11:00 PM.

Renova Hot Springs

But you wanted to soak in a Natural Hot Spring! We have the perfect one for the adventure seeker. No Resort, No Pool, and possibly, No People. Renova Hot Springs located in Whitehall Montana and is less than 4 hours away from Cooke City. Renova Hot Springs is an undeveloped, rural thermal soaking spot on the Jefferson River. The two main natural baths are marked with rock wall parameters, which also control the temperature from mixing with the cold stream flow.

These hot springs have a source temperature of about 110-120℉, so they can get pretty steamy in the summertime. The local custom is clothing-optional, and there are no fees to soak. Visiting sometime between late spring and early fall is the best time to go through because the winter and spring bring higher water levels in the river that can cover the pools. When the water runs lower in the summer, it can be invigorating to plunge between the hot pools and the cold river.

Finding the springs is not very difficult, but explorers must ensure that road conditions aren’t flooded and are in decent shape, especially during rainy and snowy seasons. To reach Renova Hot Springs, you must drive roughly 5 miles on a rural road. After parking your car, it’s a short 0.1-mile, moderately trafficked path down to the riverside. Camping isn’t allowed right at the hot springs. However, two of the closest nearby sites are the Lewis & Clark Caverns Campground and Toll Mountain Campground & Picnic Area.

Staying in Cooke City gives you the perfect base camp to explore the Greater Yellowstone Area, and at the same time see the wonders of Montana. These are just some of the Best Soaking Hot Springs around Cooke City. Enjoy!