The 2022 International Hemingway Conference provides both new scholarship and an opportunity to experience and explore Hemingway’s Rocky Mountain West. There will be two venues: Sheridan, Wyoming (July 17-21, 2022) and then Cooke City/Silver Gate, Montana until the morning of Sunday, July 24th. Thursday, July 21 will be a transition/travel day with an opportunity to visit the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody before arriving in Cooke City. Planning for a the detailed schedule is in the works. He went West again in 1930 and travelled across Wyoming to the L-T ranch just outside Cooke City, Montana. It was then, and still is, wild country—spectacularly beautiful, a bit intimidating, and bereft of some 21st Century amenities (don’t expect your cell phone to work!). Buffalo sometimes wander into town from nearby Yellowstone. Inside the Park you will be stopped by buffalo, see grizzlies, elk mountain sheep and, perhaps, a wolf. Plan to enjoy the whole area.

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